HTC GmbH was founded in autumn 1997 by Mr. Heinz Holzer (Eng.).
It emerged from the fibre department of Hoechst Austria after the Hoechst Group was broken up.

The first office was located in Vienna, district 23, above a MacDonalds, which also served occasionally as a canteen. As the representative of Trevira GmbH, HTC was responsible for customers in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and southern Germany.

In 2004 the company relocated to a new office, also situated in Vienna, district 23.


HTC GmbH celebrated its 10th anniversary in autumn 2007, together with business partners, customers and representatives of the Austrian Textile Federation.

In order to secure the company's continuance, Mr. Sebastian Holzer joined the team in 2008, thus ensuring a smooth, future-oriented transition. In 2009 he introduced a new line of business into the company, ushering in a new era by incorporating trading into the business.


In 2010 he was appointed CEO and Mr. Heinz Holzer (Eng.) began preparing for his well-earned retirement.


In 2010 HTC also achieved the 7th rank of Vienna in the Austrian Leading Companies contest and therefore proves to be on a successful way.


The termination of the distribution agreement with Trevira, as of 2013, enabled the expansion of the trading business (also with special fibres) to a pan-European level.